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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Opion of TLP

My opinion or what i think about how was the Teen Life Proyect is very intresting. Well, for me all these proyect was cool and also it was helpful, why? becuase in the cool part i socialys with new people and was cool talking to them becuase they are from different parts and thats cool, but at the same time it was helpfull becuase is help me understand the real meaning of why people have to stop to consume whatever kind of drug they are consuming becuase it is very, but very dangerous.Also i new that by consuming too much of cigarrate your body immidiatly is changing rapidly, and your inside body and outside body is damagin, in the outer your teeth start to become yellow, your eyes into red, and some dislike will appear, and on the insidebody your lungs will start to deteriorate, so for a advice please never ever in your lifes consume tobacco or cigarrate.


Monday, March 26, 2007

The 3 songs

In the first song what I imagine is that at the first part of the song that someone is taking water from a river or a lake to make some kind of dinner because at night she or he would have a special dinner with people that is invite to this party. In the second part of the song I imagine already the people in this kind of special night-party eating the special food and dancing. Then I imagine lights turning off, but one light still is on and then two people a women or men goes out to dance a special kind of dance and people starts to enjoy it. After these kind of dance is over people start to go to the scenery and practice these dance because it seems to be interesting and people like it a lot, so they went to the dancers and talk to them to see if they could teach them how to dance like that and how to make their moves like that. Then I imagine that a men takes the party's microphone and starts talking about how is his life and how he is in love with a women, then he finish his discourse and says the women’s name and ask her that if she wants to be her wife, she say yes, and people were all happy giving them a big applause.

In the second song I imagine like some kind of party in a farm with people dancing their own special dance. Also I imagine people going to this farm as if they were going to see or participate in this kind of dance contest. I imagine some people dancing while the other ones are giving them a big applause and enjoy it by laughing.

In the last song I imagine if i am being in Africa and while i was walking I meat with a old man singing and people enjoy his songs and also giving him money because of his effort that he made on the song and on the singing, at the second part of the song I imagine like a frog that enjoys him to the song and sings a little of the song but in the from languages.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snuff and Chewing Tobacco

Sometimes as you do not think teenagers not only smoke, they spit tobacco, chew tobacco and probably more other things, comes from two words : snuff and chewing tobacco. Snuff it is a tobacco that comes in teabag that they used it in their lower lip and gum and Chewing Tobacco is a twisted tobacco that people used them or put them between their cheek and gum. The purpose of snuff or chewing tobacco is that you have to let it be in your mouth and suck it, let it fluid, and then they get rid of the saliva that they make while they are chewing. These chewing tobacco or snuff also contain nicotine which can make you also be addicted to it, these is bad because while you are chewing o snuff the tobacco your mouth will start to absorb into your bloodstream. These thing about snuff and chewing tobacco started for a long time.

In the places in which chewing and snuffing tobacco is popular in Europe, Scandinavian, and in the United States. In the United States snuff or chewing tobacco it is used normally by baseball players or in people that are affectionate with it. But in 1950’s people specially baseball players that preferring not to chew the tobacco, they prefer to smoke it. The in the 1970’s people got again to chewing tobacco because they were aware of dangers of smoking. But they don’t only chew the tobacco they combined it or mix it with bubble gum. Now in these times you would not find they baseball player chewing tobacco, now you will find boys, girls, athletics, and other people that are starting chewing it and getting into it. A lot of high school boys and girls are addicted into smokeless tobacco, others start on the addiction of snuff or chewing tobacco before thirteen years or after thirteen , so mostly these snuff and chewing you would see it in teenagers. Only by chewing or snuff tobacco, and smoking cigarettes can immediately damage your body and probably kill you. Some people died because of oropharyngeal tumor, which is a cancerous tumor in the back of the throat. But these does not only happened to baseball players, each year in the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in America, doctors all times have patients in which they found that they have throat and mouth cancer, and as you don not believe it some die because of these diseases, and people that suffer or that have the disease of throat or mouth cancer only survive five years and then unfortunately they died.

What can chewing tobacco do to your is that you will have bad breath and your teeth would start getting yellow and then come the consequences. Some consequences that chewing tobacco live you are cracking and bleeding lips and gums, after a time because of gums you teeth would start falling down, your heart rate would increased and you would have high blood pressure which it would take you to heart attacks and brain damages, and finally the one that all people know that would happened to them is cancer.

Friday, February 23, 2007


As you all know we all have friends, friends for moments and friends that are for our whole life, and these are the true friends, but the thing is that you really don’t know what kinds of friends you have until a certain moment; the moment in which they force you to do something that you really don’t want to do, for example to smoke. Most teenagers like begging from the age of 12 all the way through an adult age if you strop smoking, but if you don’t it will be for all life because while you are consuming it, you will get addicted to it and more if you are surrounded by people that are consuming it because you will start to accustom to the habitat and then you will get their same habits and you will end as a smoke addicted. People normally smoke in situations of stress and others do this for pleasure. For example in Spain is a place in which we see that suffer most of cancer in people’s lungs, and there child starting from 11 years start smoking because they think that for them is normal because in their homes all the times they see their parents, aunts, grandparents and their whole family smoking, so for them is really normal.

Second-hand smoke is bad because of their toxic chemicals and gases that you are consuming while you are smoking it, the only thing is that does not have or obtain nicotine, but however it is toxic. The chemicals and gases that second-hand smoke haves could damage you airways, also it would be harder for your breathing. Then you will end with asthma, pneumonia, and ear and sinus infections, also you can not make sports any more if you were doing it before, and the most danger thing that will cause you is CANCER in your heart and probably die. If you do not want to be like these o practically you do not want to ruin your life, please don’t do these, and if you already did it, I tell you that it will be better that you go to a psychology and take classes, so you would get out of smoking. So by being with friends that smoke do not will help you that much, so choose better your friends if you do not want to get into smoke or if you want to be with them be with them but when they start to smoke go away to any other part because it would be very bad for you. Also if in your family your parents are smoking or any member of your family are doing these please tell them that it is very danger for them and tell them what could happen if they continue doing it.



Monday, February 12, 2007


As you know smoking causes allot of danger sicknesses, but there are two that are the most dangers one and they are cancer or stroke. If you did not smoke, you will not have to take the consequences of having cancer or stroke, but if you start smoking and smoking and like all the time smoking you will have the consequences that later would appear the feelings of cancer or stroke. All things that are cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and others are composed or made or have nicotine. Nicotine is one of most addictive drugs that affect our brain. As you all know if you consume nicotine you will get addicted as the same as you consume tobacco or any kind of cigarettes. When you make contact with nicotine, after starts to expulse adrenaline which after all could affect in the way of increase in blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate.

In fact, nicotine can cause a free of dopamine in our brain that control pleasure and motivation. Depend on how is the level of the smoker nervous system; nicotine can also produce a calming effect.” Any teen who smokes, is considering smoking or has loved ones who smoke will find the site hard to ignore.” These are some ways for stop smoking: Make an strategy, make an schedule in were in free times you don’t go and smoke, no is better to read o do something else, talk with any friend that have the same problem as yours and tell him to enjoy you, take classes; go to an psychology, go to a doctor and discuss your opinions, and something that is very important don’t stress the first time if you cant get out from it, the only thing is that you have to try it.

Second-hand smoking has a combination of two parts: one is people who smoke exhaled smoke, and the smoke from the burning last of a cigarette. These two parts have chemical that are very harmful for everyone, but these is most specially on teenagers. Know second-hand smoking is named as a know in cancer in human body because cigarettes contain radioactive elements. Second-hand smoking is very dangerous most in teenagers because lower respiratory infection and also let you causes of asthma. Pneumonia, ear infections, throat infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, coughing, and a permanent decrease in lung function are especially common in teenagers who breathe second-hand smoke and then is when operations comes in teenagers all because of second-hand smoking.

If people want to protect their rights to breath clean air what they can do is first of all QUIT SMOKE, another thing is that when you are in the same ambient of child’s never start smoking, and others. These is a quote that I give to teenagers that are in the thing of smoking “Don't let them fool you. Tell the cigarette execs that you are going to be smarter than your older friends, even smarter than your parents, and not take the risk of early disease and death by smoking.”


Monday, February 05, 2007

Smoking and Teens

All people know that smoking is bad in all the ways. Before, in the pass times smoking was only seen in adults most of time, but now you can see that smoking is most used on teenagers. The thing is that they think that they look very cool, like being like the “BAD BOYS,” which they are not, most pretend to be. I really don’t understand why boys and girls like start smoking about the age of teenagers, but the thing is that they don’t know what problems would they have later if they start to smoke, there are alto of reasons, but I am going to tell you few. One reason is that your breath will smell horrible, and people like don’t want to talk with you sometimes because of that. By the time your teeth will start getting in other color, like a dark yellow and that ugly. A very danger thing if you continue on smoking you could get into cancer, you probably can go to therapies and all that but if you have cancer you could not do anything, YOU HAVE CANCER.

Smoke is very danger as you don’t think so, for example when a mother is addicted to smoke and it is pregnant, she could not smoke because if she does it the baby then will grow with series problems. Smoke also is danger to our respiratory system because then the amount of oxygen will go down. Second hand smoking is also affecting many people when other person is smoking beside it and the person breathes the smoke of the other person and that smoke damages the person almost the same that it damages the person smoking.

I think that smoking is really bad, because it is killing a lot of people because of this sickness named cancer that is killing a lot o f people and doctors haven’t find the medicine for this sickness. Many people had tried to stop smoking but it seems that when you smoke you cannot stop smoking at least if you don’t like it. For people is too hard to let the cigar. I know some people that had tried to let the cigar but they cannot, or maybe they let it for like one month and they start smoking again. I really think that smoking is like drugs and alcohol, when you drink alcohol or consume drugs you can let it, for the most of the people. When you start smoking you cannot stop.

I know that I do not have that information that people expecting me to do, but do not worried about it because I will continue writing more about these topic for people who are interested in it so do not worried about it. But I really expect that you had learn something about this post and how you know i will keep posting about this topic, smoking. To the people that is also interested in this topic you can learn and also have information about my post, I hope you had enjoy it and learn about it.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

My favorite blog

''My FaVoRiTe bLoG!!!''

Hi again! Mr. Hide assigned us homework about our favorite post or to choose one of the posts that we most identify with it. I was looking through all the post and my first choice was the school of Excellence and Imagination and all were very good but they were not my type, so I prefer to choose another school. My second choice was Mont’Kiara International School. I was looking in the first’s eleven names that appear in block C and start looking and reading them. I was in number six that was Daniel N. and I like it but I prefer to go on, so I continue seen I got to Hanna’s blog and I like it allot, that was the best blog that indentificated with me. She in her blog wrote about the fives bands that she most like, but I only like one of the five and it is SimplePlan, I love these band is very cool. Another thing that I agree with is about what she said of talking in public that she hats it, I don’t like it neither, because when I am in public I start getting nervous and scared. Also she likes one of my favorite hobbies and it is dance, listening music. Also about what she said that some people that who know her say that she is very shy and introverted, as same as me, and also people say that they expect that she sometimes show that extroverted side, which she do it only with her family, but I am not like that I am introverted with some, but the most of times I am extroverted.

Now, I want to talk or write about another blog that I would choose in a second choice. This blog comes from Mr. Fisher class, and it is Kate. I choose her like as my second because she has some things in common. One of those things is when she talks about her issues of smoking, for me it is very interesting topic because you could by writing of what could happened if you start consuming, you could help people. I agree when she said that people who smoke the most are teenagers, girls, because of pressure. The other thing is when she talks about drinking; I think that this topic it is also very interesting, and also haves to be with teenagers. I agree also with her when she said that is a major problem because it makes people do stupid things like violence, drugs, rape, and may even drink and drive. I think that these girls have a lot of thing in common with me about the issues, I know that I did not write them in my post, but for me am very interesting, and helpful for others. Another thing that I like from Kate is her way of thinking I think that is the same as mine, that is why I would choose her as a second choice. That all I can say for now, I hope that will you were reading it, you were enjoin it, but that does not mean that I did not like the other blogs, noooooo I like them but the thing was that they were not quite my type.